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Chinese traditionele krijgskunsten o.l.v. voormalige bondcoach van China Sifu Q. R. Zhao

DragonCulture seminars door Sifu Li and Sifu Lin in Duitsland

Dear Jing Wu members,

A good friend of Sifu Qui Rong Zhao, Sifu Li and Sifu Lin, are Tai Chi / Wushu masters running a Wushu Academy in Germany. They regularly organize weekend seminars. Some are a full week (Tai Chi). Sifu Lin is a Tai Chi world champion (3x) and Chinese National Champion (8x). A visit will be interesting and instructive.

I spoke with Sifu Li and Lin and we are welcome to subscribe to the seminars they organize.

Important notes:
You will have to pay the DragonCulture organization for these seminars and arrange your stay in Germany yourself
Chin Woo does not facilitate these seminars for you, i.e. you will have to arrange it yourself on your own accord.
You can subscribe to the DragonCulture seminars by visiting their web-site There you will also find the calendar information with all the upcoming seminars for 2017-2018.

Tip: For 30 euro you can become a member and get a discount on the workshops and seminars being organized. This will be beneficial if you plan to follow a number of workshops/seminars.

Kind regards,
Toby Nanne (Secretary Chin Woo Nederland)